At C2X, we process all our extracts, distillates and water soluble products on site. Because of that, we have all the machines necessary to toll process for you at any stage of the game. Whether you have your own biomass that you want to turn into distillate, or take all the way to water soluble – we can do it!




We specialize in 100% CO2-extracted solutions, resulting in some of the highest terpene percentages in the industry without distillation or adulteration. This allows us to preserve all the fundamental properties of your source material—the flavor, aroma, and effect—while producing beautiful, solvent-free essential oil.

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Create a purified product that’s even more potent than the raw oil that’s highly concentrated with 80% or more Cannabidiol with other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant extracts. Because it is more concentrated, less product is needed to create similar effects.

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T-Free Processing

T-Free is one of the hottest extracts in the industry. If you want to take your distillate or crude to T-Free, we are here to help! With our team of highly-trained scientists and engineers, we have the equipment and knowledge to help you get in on the craze.

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Water Soluble Processing

Water Soluble is the final step of the process, and we can help you get there! We can turn your Full-Spectrum, T-Free Distillate and Cannabidiol Isolate into a beautiful liquid formula that blends effortlessly with any food or beverage. And because of our special formulation, our Water Soluble products are built to last longer in your system – for ultimate exposure.

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