At C2X Labs, we put a lot of love and passion into what we do. That’s why we pride ourselves on creating boutique quality Hemp and CBD extracts at a high capacity. Our oils, extracts and water soluble formulas use only the best ingredients and methods – so we can pass the quality on to you. We stand behind all our products because we make them in-house – with our collection of highly trained chemists and engineers.


At C2X Labs, we only use CO2 Extraction to produce our Full-Spectrum Extract.

By keeping our extracts clean of solvents, we can provide a high-quality products on a consistent basis – so you always know what you’re getting.

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Full Spectrum Distillate

Our Full Spectrum Distillate is a purified hemp CBD oil where some of the most important aspects or compounds of the hemp plant have been distilled.

The product is considered purer and more potent than the raw oil because it is highly concentrated with 80% or more hemp CBD.

The other 20% consists of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant extracts.

Because it is more concentrated, less product is needed to create similar effects.

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THC-Free Distillate

THC-Free Distillate is the hottest thing in Hemp and CBD right now – and no one is more excited about that than we are!

Our team processes our distillate into THC-Free distillate right on site, so we control every step of the process.

This process leads to consistency, quality and a strong commitment to providing the best product for our customers.

In addition, our THC-Free Distillate is clear of THC, while still giving you access to a variety of different Cannabinoids – so you can always have piece of mind!

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Water Soluble

At C2X Labs, we couldn’t be more excited about our Water Soluble formulas.

Using our in-house staff and facilities, we can process any extract into a water soluble formula – including Full Spectrum Hemp, THC-Free Distillate and CBD Isolate.

Our liposomal formulas are designed to last longer in the body – and use only nature, non-synthetic ingredients.

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